Worshipper, Songwriter, Singer, Author. Loved of God and created for His glory.

Tolu! is a gospel artist who creates music and content to encourage, inspire and empower people to discover, affirm and be who God has created them to be.

Tolu released her first single "Sing It Out Loud! Noel!" in December 2020, and has released six more songs since then. Her latest song "Testimony of Healing" released in October 2022 is a prayer for, and testimony of, God's healing power.

Testimony of Healing is also the fourth release from her upcoming "Covenant Child" album. Other releases from the album include "What You Say", "I Can Do It All" and "Ke Hallelujah".

Tolu! also produces the Power Love Sound Mind Series, a series of short expositions of scripture to encourage and enable a life free of fear and anxiety, and has authored the book "I Am _ 52 Scripture-based affirmations to establish your identity in Christ and empower you for life" .

Tolu! is passionate about encouraging, inspiring and empowering young girls and women to realize and thrive at being who God has created them to be, and debuted her Life Skills Coaching Youth Project in Nigeria in April 2022.