I Am _ 52 Scripture-based affirmations to establish your identity in Christ and empower you for life

The concept of identity is one that is so crucial to humankind. The questions “Who am I?” “Where do I belong?” “What are my antecedents?” “What is my purpose on earth?” have been analysed by philosophers for centuries, and in recent, modern times have started off many excursions across the world, spawned reality shows, genealogy websites and services, and a huge motivational industry for people seeking answers to these questions. 

The awe, joy, and sense of homecoming experienced by some can be just as life-changing as the shock experienced by others when their long-held beliefs about themselves are shattered by new revelations of their origins and history. For better or for worse, knowing who we are is an impactful life event. 

Our identity usually starts with that which we are assigned or inherit at birth, and then adapts as we grow and develop various interests or adopt beliefs and value systems – religion, politics, education, etc.  We are also bombarded by ideas and suggestions of who we are and what we should want, like or dislike from the media, psychotherapists, motivational speakers, family, friends, social identity groups, societal and cultural expectations, etc. 

It can be confusing to reconcile the often-conflicting narratives that are thrown at us. And yet our ability to navigate the complex arena of life with any measure of appreciable success is so essentially wrapped up in the proper understanding of our strengths and limitations as individuals, filtered through our beliefs and value systems. 

Having a clear understanding of who we are requires a deep dive into all the various aspects of our life which come together to make up our identity, appreciating the influence of internal and external factors to how we feel about ourselves, our motivations, our environment, our expectations of that environment, our roles and responsibilities in that environment, and our ultimate purpose for the life we live.

As Christians, we believe that all life is created by God; by His word – “Let there be…!” and that the bible holds God’s directions for how we live. Therefore, defining and having a clear understanding of who we are through the lens of scripture means that we are going back to our source to find out what the original plan and purpose for our life is.  Claiming our identity on the basis of God’s word elevates the discussion above the identity tags that society has developed to label and categorise humankind. Our identity is about who the author of life has created us to be. 

We are who God says we are. 

Knowing who you are is powerful. If you know who you are, no one else can tell you who you are, or who you are not! Being firmly rooted in God’s definitive word about our identity grounds us sufficiently that we are not swayed by extraneous influences and can maintain our focus on the essential aspects of our existence which help us to successfully navigate life. 

Affirmations are positive statements that either confirm or validate a belief or fact, or counter negative thoughts or narratives 

There is neuroscientific evidence that affirmations are effective in improving self esteem and motivating people to change their lives around. How much more then would affirmations based on the living and active word of God magnify our perspective and so empower us to be the best versions of who we are created to be! 

The bible is full of God’s declarations about who we are, His plans and purpose for us, His promises to us, His expectations of us, and His instructions on how we can live life ‘more abundantly’.  Meditating on God’s word about us renews our minds and transforms us to be confident in our identity, rather than being confused by trying to conform to society’s ever evolving narratives (Romans 12:2). 

When we declare these scripture-based affirmations, the dynamic power of God’s word is released over our lives, activating those affirmations to become the truth that sets us free and empowers us. 

I Am_ 52 Affirmations… is a 52-week journal, mapped out for you to harness the power of one scripture-based affirmation every week.  As you meditate on your weekly affirmation and scripture verses, the Holy Spirit will continue to expand your understanding, refine your perspective and empower you to stand firm in the knowledge of who you are and the great power that lies inside of you.

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